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Google Body - How does it work?

Google Body lets you discover your anatomy in 3D

Google just released its most interesting WebGL application so far named BODY BROWSER. This educational application lets you discover the human body the same way you can discover the world in Google Earth - from any angle. You can already try Google Body Browser before it's added to Google Labs, although you will need a WebGL-enabled browser. Firefox 4 and Chrome 9 betas (or Chrome 8 if you enable it in the "about:flags" menu) are WebGL-enabled. The visualization options are quite fluid and the search tool works pretty well too.

Medical students and the educational community will find this new Google application quite useful. Visible Body had already attempted to revolutionize the anatomy education, but their application is not free.

Google has developed a unique & free 3D learning experience. Teachers, students, health care professionals or anyone interested in anatomy will find this new application to be invaluable.







My Google Body - body art self-extracted from Google searches

In My Google Body a textual works (year 2003) by multimedia artist Gerard Dalmon, a human body is represented by pictures corresponding to the various parts of the body, these pictures being renewed at regular intervals. The program displays the results of the requests made automatically to Google Images concerning the words “head”, “body”, “arm”, “hand”, “leg” and “foot”. The body is made up of images from body parts, but also of images based on figures such as metaphors or metonymies. Images of “head light”, “body bag” or “armchair” appear on the screen. My Google Body invites us to read a metaphoric body continuously extracted from the images found on the Web. Gerard Dalmon says that this is above all a linguistic creation in which the text is a graphic body in continuous and regular evolution.




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